Hope is something timeless in our power to humans.

The songs are pieces of life that we all share…

Isabelle Toutoungi

I am a child of three continents: from the Mongolian steppes of Asia to the Persian and Syrian Middle East and Africa, where I lived for over a decade and Europe where I was born and whose history fascinates me. Music has fed my childhood. I started playing guitar at the age of 16, after which I started on piano and quickly moved on to the composition. I quickly signed with an independent label, Asteroid Production, and recorded an album in Paris, which was called Entre Nous. Following this first experience, I continued as an auto-didact and created my home studio to be able to control the entire production of a disc. I learned how to arrange and mix music and composed a lot, especially in Chad, where I became a professional musician. On returning to France, I started to work on my EP. I produced the music and we recorded in the Riviera studios in Nice (Solid Sound Studio). The mastering was done by Mandy Parnell at Black Saloon Studio in London. I begin to touring in the South of France.

I am a passionate musician, with strong rock influences. My absolute references are the Kings of Leon, Snow Patrol, The Misery of Sonata Artica. I never wanted to do anything else other than play music, then I fell in love with the guitar. It is obvious, that allowed me to overcome the trials of life. I have lived through two civil wars in Africa. Music is a huge field of emotions through which the events of our lives may plow. My life has been a bit chaotic, but I have survived thanks to my faith and love for music.

I want to share lyrics and stories through a simple and melodic rock. Human stories, in which we all can find ourselves. For example the song Dis-Moi (Tell Me) expresses the loss of someone in a parallel world to ours: everyone can interpret it, this can be death, madness or imprisonment of sorts … I try to transmit love of life. We must be happy, because we all have problems, but music, like faith, can transcend them and give us an energy boost. I try to give electric shocks to people, to give them new energy.

I am passionate in all areas of my life and I like to take risks. My body is gradually being covered by tattoos. They form a second skin, as if I was shedding. One single tattoo in which smaller ones link to others in order to form a tapestry of colors and motifs. It is my life that I interpret as a symbols that I mark and I expose with no return. Artistically the black has no equal, but I refuse the analogy of an inner state. Being tattooed in this way does not prevent me from being a cheerful personality. Our body is our first house and this is my way to take possession of it. For me, it is an artistic and spiritual search, not by any means an expression of rebellion or of an extreme lifestyle. My faith and my artistic personality appear on edge. I want to express an aesthetic and spiritual research that really incarnate in my music, but also corporally.

Isabelle Toutoungi

Isabelle Toutoungi